Residential building with offices and garages

Residential building "BUDILNIK" is located in the Pavlovo district, an area which is built mainly with low-rise buildings. The volume solution of the building is distinguished by its extremely modern vision, the strict geometric shapes being the main element for the achievement of the modern sound. The architectural style of a building is minimalist. The bulky and distinct volumes dominate, the main purpose of which is to exude the simple beauty of the building. The dynamics on the facade is characterized by the contrast between the white color, symbolizing purity and the dark brown, which gives depth and coziness. The desired composition is through the white base on which the windows and partial brown accents have been cleverly designed to create dynamics.

The overall silhouette of the building is highlighted by façade lighting, which gives a memorable view at night. There is one main and one secondary entrance with the corresponding vertical communication - a staircase and a lift. There are 25 apartments in the facility, all of which have at least one area for a favorable exposure.

The building is designed on six floors. On the ground floor there are individual garages, office and apartment with adjoining yard, as well as an anteroom. The residential levels are utilized with five spacious two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments.

Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, Vitosha district
Functional type | Residential building with offices and garages
Plot Area | 1 227 m2
Total built-up area | 2 830 m2
Year of design | 2019
Completed | 2021