Residential building with shops and underground garages

"NOVA2" is a residential building located in the largest residential complex in the city of Sofia- Lulin. Situated in a property bordering to the east with Dobrinova Skala Blvd., from where is the main access to the building and to the west with Yitzhak Graziani Str. The immediate proximity to the future metro station on Tsaritsa Ioanna Blvd. creates additional communication and attractiveness to the property. The proximity to the western tangent allows for quick access to the outskirts of the city, as well as an exit from it to the future owners.

The building is intended for residential construction and consists of 10 above ground and one underground floor. On the ground floor there are commercial sites that complement the street landscape. The remaining 9 floors are organized entirely with residential units in various types, sizes and functions. Parking for the residential and commercial needs has been decided through two above ground zones with a total of 27 parking spaces and 33 located in underground parking, with access to it via a ramp.

The sought-after vision for the NOVA2 apartment building is modern, with a new approach capturing the spirit of the neighborhood through the prevailing construction technology in the area, which is reminiscent of a children's designer. Modularity, translation and large clear volumes are the main techniques used in the buildings of the recent past, and are skilfully conveyed in a modern way in our building. Our design reproduces these techniques with clear geometry and contrasting colors.

The building is proportionally divided into several main orthogonal volumes, each of which is translated and interrupted by dark gray joint lines. The main elements are strongly expressed through white frames and filled with rhythmically arranged architectural elements, resolved in dark colors. The facade glazing is anthracite-colored, and the glass railing completes the modern look of the building, creating airiness. The large and crisp shapes of the building are accentuated by facade lighting that will create a memorable sultry and a new look in the developing neighborhood during night as well.

Location | Bulgaria, Sofia, district Lyulin
Functional type | Residential building with shops and underground garages
Plot Area | 2 190 m2
Total built-up Area | 7 140 m2
Phase | In construction
Year of design | 2019