Residential building with classic look and modern sound - Pirotska

Project of residential building with shops and underground garages Sofia

The design of the building began late summer and early autumn, which made us re-create it in the theme of the colorful autumn season. We wanted to design influential building at project level and visualizations for our future clients. We have created a project that is in keeping with the surrounding environment with its classic look. We also used a note of modernistic sound to be distinguishable for our time. The building is simple with classic elements and a modern look. The emphasis is on the corner balconies, which are skillfully moved without disturbing the function of habitation. Color is resolved with a deep yellow silicate plaster and dark joinery, and the ground floor is lined with antique lime with raster. The building is connected to two neighboring properties, respectively to Pirotska Str. And Otets Paisiy Str.

The terrain, on which we realized the presented building, is located at the corner of Pirotska Str. And Otets Paisii Str. This is the central city part of Sofia, an area developed mainly with commercial activity on the ground levels and residential above them. The spirit of the region is specific and creates a sense of "Old Sofia", for a past time.

The main goal of the project was to create a residential building that would be well-inscribed in the general ensemble of predominantly classical buildings. To keep the feeling of a building that is part of the overall picture, both in functional and aesthetic terms, while still having the handwriting of its time. For this reason we kept the commercial part on the ground level and developed the residential part above it. The underground floor is provided for a parking lot to meet the needs of the residents.

The building is a residential building located on Pirotska Str. And Otets Paisy Street in the central part of Sofia. Functionally the building is intended for residential construction with shops, garages and underground garages. The levels are as follows: On the basement floor / elevation ˗ 3.20 / there is a common parking lot with 22 parking places, all of which is provided with an adjoining maneuvering zone, and a second evacuation staircase is provided in accordance with the requirements of fire safety. Vertical communications are an elevator and a staircase as well as a platform serving levels from ± 0.00 to ˗ 3.20. On the ground floor or elevation ± 0.00 there is a passage servicing the above-ground and underground garages, an entrance with an entrance to the residential part, a reception, four shops, two double garages, and a staircase with a lift. From the first to the fifth floor there are two three-room, three two-room apartments and four storage rooms, as well as a staircase with an elevator. On the sixth floor there are one bedroom, three one-bedroom, one-bedroom apartment and four storage rooms, as well as a staircase with a lift.

Client | IDEA HOME
Location | Bulgaria, city. Sofia,. Center, Str. Pirotska Str. Father Paisij
Functional type | multifamily buildings with shops, garages and underground garages
Plot area | 501 m2
Area | 3380 m2
Year of design | 2016
Completed | 2018